Drum & Cable - Banjo

  • Integrated stamped rail - reduced part count

  • Low cost solution

  • Configurable with Aluminium or Steel Rails

  • Grease-less design for lifetime lubrication

Single Lift Bowden Cable

  • Integrated Stamped Rail or Roll Formed Rails with Plastic brackets

  • Configurable with Aluminium or Steel Rails

  • Low mechanism weight of 350 grams with Aluminum Rails

Mini Module

  • Motor separated on to the Dry Side of the door on assembly

  • Robust against field failures

  • Enables use of a cheaper dry side motor & unsealed connector

Cross Arm

  • Robust design with highly standardised sub-components

  • Fine Blanked + Induction Hardened Gear Sector

  • Specially modified Gear Profile to minimise travel noise

  • OEM Design Award - Japanese OEM

Single Arm

  • Lowest cost construction

  • Standardised components

  • Suitable for rear doors in small cars

  • Automated Assembly

Bottom Motor Driven

  • Compact design - Mechanism weight of 350 grams

  • Easy to assemble - 30% reduction of OEM assembly time

  • Minimum packaging space - more space for door aggregates

Double Guided Window Regulators

  • Highly reliable glass guiding accuracy

  • Roll formed or Stamped Rails

  • Rails out of Steel or Aluminium

  • Standardised sub-components for economies of scale


Parking Brakes

  • Variable Gear Ratio to optimise driver effort & ergonomics

  • Platform design - scalable for use from PVs to LCVs

Door Checkers

  • Steel or Plastic over-moulded designs

  • Optimised door hold and release effort cam tracks

  • Anti-squeak coatings for Grease-free operation


Side Door Latch - Compact

  • Ultra compact design - installation in a very small packaging space

  • Integrated Rotary Actuator with Microswitch

  • Configurable with Lock Block, Self-cancel, or Single Pull Release

  • OEM Design Award - Best-in-class Latch

Side Door Latch - Module Fully Closed

  • Modular Door Latch

  • Configurable with Lock Block, Self-cancel, Double Pull Release features

  • Integrated Rotary Actuator with Microswitch

  • Powered Child Lock

  • Japanese OEM footprint

Engine Hood Latch and Striker

  • Box Type construction with micro-switch

  • Theft / Tamper proof

  • Excellent crash stability

  • Platform latch - exported worldwide

Floor Latch and Back Latch

  • Seat Floor & Shoulder Latches

  • Weight optimised with FEA and High Strength Low Alloy Steels

  • Meets the most demanding OEM Crash Safety requirements

  • Exported to 48 countries worldwide