Precision Plastics

Brake Fluid Reservoirs

  • Market Leader in supply of Brake Fluid Reservoirs

  • PP or PA66 depending on the application

  • Injection Moulded and Hot Plate Welded

  • Reed-switch, Float add-ons

Precision Plastics Components

  • Plastic Gear Wheels - DIN Class 10

  • Actuator Housings & Covers

Overmolded Components

  • Retention Systems over-molded with Hytrel or POM

  • 2K Overmolded Components

Precision Stamped Parts

Seat Tracks

  • Inner and Outer Profile by Robotic Automated Transfer

  • High Strength Steels > 1000 MPa

  • CNC Robotic Welding

  • Automated Laser EOL Inspection

  • Weld Microstructure Analysis

Stamped and Welded Assemblies

  • High Tonnage Progressive and Tandem Stamping

  • Robotic CMT Welding & SPM projection welding

Progressive Stamped Parts

  • Press Tonnage ranging from 60T to 500T

  • Automated stamping with mis-feed sensors

  • In-Die Tapping